Fayre Oaks Home Park Ltd.

Company Number 07207346

Directors: S.Derham, D. Harris


Residential Park Home Estate in the Cityof Hereford




January 2010

The following rules are in place for the good management of the park and the benefit of all who use it. These rules form part of the Agreement by which you occupy your pitch in accordance with the Mobile Homes Act 1983 (as amended).

The rules are designed to ensure that all park home residents may live peacefully in unspoilt surroundings and have not been compiled to place unnecessary restrictions on residents. We are sure that, provided the rules are accepted in the right spirit, our park will continue to be a happy community.

1. Complying with the Park’s Site Licence

Park home owners must not do, or allow to be done, anything to the home or the pitch which might breach any of the conditions of the park owner’s site licence. A copy of the current site licence is attached to the Written Statement and is available in the office.

2. The Park Home

Only park homes (mobile homes) of proprietary manufacture, that is to say not home made, which conform to the statutory definition of a caravan contained in the relevant legislation, are permitted on the park.

3. The Condition of the Park Home

Homes must be kept in a sound state of repair and the outside of the home maintained in a clean and tidy condition. The external decoration and colour must not be changed without the consent of the of the park owner and must be kept in good order.

Park home owners must not, without the prior written consent of the park owner carry out any of the following:

• building works to the park home or the pitch except to the extent necessary to carry out any repairs or maintenance.

• paving, block paving, decking, hard landscaping, including the formation of a pond.

• the erection of any pole, mast, wire, dish or communications receiving equipment.

4. Condition of the Pitch

Park home owners must maintain their pitch in a clean and tidy condition. The description of a pitch includes the garden area surrounding the park home and includes the land upon which the park home is sited.

Fences or other means of enclosure are not allowed without the written approval of the park owner. Fences of a reasonable height will be permitted between homes, but not between homes and the roads.

Trees on individual pitches are the responsibility of the tenants of those pitches. No fast growing trees (e.g. Leylandi) are permitted whatsoever.

External fires, including incinerators, are not allowed.

5. Sheds, Porches, etc.

Porches, sheds, garages, outbuildings, fences, fuel bunkers or other structures are only permitted with the prior written consent of the park owner,and where permitted must be of a design, size and standard approved by the owner, and must be maintained in good repair and appearance. Such structures will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances.

Only one storage shed is permitted on each pitch. Sheds shall be no bigger than 8’ x 6’ and positioned so as to comply with the park’s site licence conditions.

6. Refuse

The park home owner is responsible for the disposal of all household, recyclable and garden waste in approved containers through the local authority service.

7. Commercial Activities

No commercial enterprise or business activities may take place on the park without prior written permission from the park owner. If permission is granted, it will also require the park home owner to obtain approval from the appropriate authority. ‘Business activity’ also includes the overhaul and repair of vehicles, mobile retailing vans e.g. grocery, fast food, etc.

8. Liability and Insurance

The park owner, their employees and agents are not liable for actions resulting in death or injury unless arising from their own negligence or other breach of duty.

If the park home owner is in breach of their Agreement, and as a result the park owner incurs costs, the park home owner must pay all reasonable costs resulting from claims, charges and expenses reasonably incurred in relation to the breach of the agreement.

Park home owners must insure and keep the park home insured with an organisation that is registered with the

Financial Services Authority against loss or damage by fire and liabilities to other people and property. Park home owners must produce a copy of the insurance policy to the park owner upon request together with any evidence that the site owner may reasonably request as proof of insurance.

9. Nuisance

Park home owners must not do, or allow to be done, anything on the park which may:

· be or become a nuisance to or cause annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance to, the park owner or anyone else who lives on or uses the park;

· cause damage to any property belonging to the park owner or anyone else, or to any adjoining or neighbouring property and must not use or permit the park home to be used for illegal or immoral purposes;

· be a criminal offence.

Children are not permitted as permanent residents. However, park home owners will be held responsible at all times for the conduct of their children, grand-children and visiting children.

Musical instruments, CD players, radios, other appliances and motor vehicles must not be used to cause nuisance to others, especially between the hours of 10:00pm and 8:00am.

10. Pets

Under no circumstances are dogs allowed as pets nor may they be kennelled overnight anywhere on the park. One cat per home is permitted.

11. Water/Electricity/Gas

All external water pipes must be lagged by the park home owner against potential frost damage; the park home owner will be liable for any loss of water due to their failure to do so or from any other failure on the section of the water service for which the park home owner is responsible, i.e. from ground level upwards.

The park home owner is responsible for the sewerage connection from the local manole upwards, for electrical connections and gas connections from the meter housing.

Park home owners are responsible for ensuring that electrical and gas installations comply at all times with the requirements of the relevant legislation. It is recommended that all work on gas, electricity and water systems be carried out by suitably qualified, competent persons.

12. Occupants of the Park

No persons under the age of 50 may reside in the park home.

There must be no subletting or parting with possession of the whole or part of the park home or pitch.

13. Vacant Pitches

Access is not permitted to vacant pitches. Building materials, equipment and/or plant must be left undisturbed.

14. Vehicles

All vehicles must be driven carefully on the park and not exceed 10mph.

Only one vehicle may be parked on each pitch. Parking is not permitted on roads or grass verges.

Park home owners with more than one vehicle and visitors will be required to park in the various additional parking spaces around the park.

All vehicles must be taxed and insured as required by law (Road Traffic Acts) and be in running order and all drivers on the park must hold a current driving licence for the category of vehicle driven on the park.

Disused/unroadworthy vehicles must be removed from the park and the park owner reserves the right to remove any vehicle, which is apparently abandoned, without the consent of the vehicle owner.

No major repairs may be permitted on the park owner’s land. Motor oils and other fuels of that nature must not be discharged into the drains or onto the roads or car park.

15. Fire Precautions

All park homes must be equipped with a fire extinguisher / blanket which conforms to the requirements of the Fire Officer.

16. Miscellaneous

Within 28 days of the Agreement coming to an end (however this may occur) the park home owner must arrange for the disconnection and removal of the park home from the pitch and the park and leave the pitch clean and tidy and any bushes, trees and shrubs undamaged. The park home must be removed by a competent experienced contractor.

Guns, firearms or offensive weapons of any description must not be used on the park and must only be kept with a licence from the appropriate police authority and the written consent of the park owner.

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