Fayre Oaks Home Park Ltd.

Company Number 07207346

Directors: S.Derham, D. Harris


Residential Park Home Estate in the Cityof Hereford




frequently asked questions

What sizes are park homes and how much do they cost?

Park homes can come in a wide variety of sizes. However, as a general rule they are either 'singles' (10' or 12' wide) or doubles (20' wide). Lengths can vary between 26' and 52'.

Prices vary considerably depending upon size, location on the park and age. An older, small single may be worth £20,000, whereas a new, large double may cost upwards of £140,000.

What are the differences between park homes and conventional housing?

The only difference is the method of construction. Once inside, there’s no difference at all – they are every bit as comfortable and spacious as a modern bungalow. Park homes are built to their own British Standard 3632 and are designed for year round occupation.

Can I live at Fayre Oaks for 12 months a year?

Yes. We have a full residential licence. This is different to holiday parks which typically only allow home owners to occupy their holiday homes for 10 months a year.

Does a park home keep its value?

Values follow closely those of the conventional housing market at any time. They will usually increase in value in the same way as a well kept home of similar size in the same part of the country. However, as they get older, they can begin to depreciate at a fast rate, particularly if they are not looked after properly.

How long does a park home last?

There are some homes at Fayre Oaks which are more than 40 years old. Park homes built nowadays use greatly improved materials designed for better performance, durability and minimum maintenance. These modern homes also have the benefit of improved timber treatments, uPVC windows, better roof tiles and exterior render, so there is every reason to suppose they will last for a long time

Can I site my own home at Fayre Oaks?

Yes you can. We currently have some empty pitches available. Please contact us if this is something you are interested in doing.

What will my expenses be?

Ground rent is payable to the park. This is approximately £1,500 per annum, depending on the size of the pitch. It does not include water rates. Electricity is supplied by the park and charged according to amount used. All homes use Calor Gas and residents order this directly from local suppliers.

Are park homes liable for Council Tax?

Yes. However, the majority of homes fall into the lower Council Tax bands.

What are the rules of the park?

As a Park we try not to be too restrictive, but for the good of the park and all the residents, we do have a number of rules all residents are asked to comply with. A list of rules can be found here.

I have found a home on the park, what should I do next?

You and the vendor should contact the Park owners. All prospective purchasers must be approved by management. Failure to do so will mean you have no right to occupy the pitch and the home would have to be removed from the park.

Once I have purchased a park home, what rights do I have to the pitch on which it is occupied?

When you first occupy a home, all residents enter into an agreement with the park owner. This sets out the rights of each party going forward. In summary, as long as the home owner does not fall behind with their ground rent or fails to keep the home and pitch in a good state of repair, the home can remain on that pitch indefinitely.